Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Day In Anarchist History - October 24th, 2015

Today is October 24th, 2015. Here are the past events of importance to anarchist history for this calendar day:

1868 – Belgian-French explorer, anarchist, spiritualist, Buddhist and writer Alexandra David-Néel (pictured) is born in Saint-Mandé
1870 – Mikhail Bakunin stays one step ahead of his persecutors, sailing from Marseilles to Locarno
1886 – A letter by French anarchist militant Clément Duval of the Panther of Batignolles justifying the group's activities appears in Le Révolté
1924 – Italian anarchist militant Ernesto Bonomini is sentenced to eight years hard labor for killing fascist Nicola Bonservizi
1970 – A bomb explodes in a government office in Greenford, England during, one of a series of bomb attacks during a Council workers' strike that are credited to the Angry Brigade
1975 – Spanish anarchist and CNT activist Cipriano Mera dies in Saint-Cloud, France

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